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From volunteering and organizing to competing and cheering on their favourite riders, our hometown stars play a crucial role in the success of these events. Together they help preserve the traditions and values of rodeo while creating a sense of belonging and pride for their town.

The Bull Fighter

Cody Call is a second-generation rodeo bullfighter. His involvement on the ranch and at C+ Events started from a car seat in the back of a cattle liner and has continued until the present day. He has been one of the best bullfighters in B.C. for several years.

His first passion was hockey. From the age of four, Cody loved the game. As a goalie, he played all over North America at various levels, from Dawson Creek and Kimberly in B.C. to Sault St. Marie, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States.

After four years of Junior Hockey, Cody returned to his “summer job” full-time and has been fighting bulls throughout the year for the past three years. Cody has fought bulls for many contractors, including C+, John Duffy, Calgary Stampede, and every contractor in B.C. Cody has worked at the Williams Lake Stampede, Dawson Creek Pro Rodeo, and the Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo. He was also selected to fight bulls at the BCRA finals and the Canadian High School Finals Rodeo.

Cody’s tasks in Rodeo don’t end at the outgate either. He handles stock, feeds, sorts, and tends to all the work a contractor does every day. He is also involved on the committees in both 100 Mile and the Spring Indoor Classic Rodeo in his hometown of Williams Lake.

The social media aspect of rodeo has become a great way to garner and maintain interest in the sport. Cody has over 4000 followers combined on Facebook and Instagram. He also manages the C+Rodeos Instagram account, with another 2500 fans.

Rodeo is a sport for young men and C+ is fortunate to have this talented young man involved every day.


Drill Teams have been wowing rodeo crowds for years and West Coast Thunder is considered one of the more professional teams on the circuit. Most of the members have been riding together for many years and our bond has brought unity and precision to our performances.

We pride ourselves in our versatility as we have performed at not only rodeos, but horse shows, parades and private functions. We are always looking for new and exciting venues, big or small, to add to our portfolio.

We are family oriented, range in age from “barely legal” to “old enough to know better” and will always maintain our professional conduct at any event. We practice year round at Thunderbird Show Park in Langley, and hold try outs for new members each November.


Our rodeo announcer Tyson Pietsch comes from Buck Lake, Alberta. With him he brings over 30 years of experience and a CPRA Gold Card! His enthusiasm and the love of the sport can be heard through his voice during any event.

He loves travelling to the many events across Western Canada and always enjoys reconnecting with his rodeo family! When he isn’t announcing rodeos, you can find him managing his small business, Winfield Feed and Farm Supply or trying to cross things off the “Honey Do List” for the family farm.

He’s looking forward to being a part of an awesome rodeo indoors at Williams Lake this Spring!


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Huge thanks to our many and amazing volunteers that really pulled this event together to make it a successful event!